Wednesday, April 22, 2009


(sen - so' - shәn) n. A revival of an intense previous mental state through reminiscent corporeal stimulation. Distinct from deja vu.

today i sweat in my car. i ate a hot apple butter sandwich, which the sun baked a second time. i rolled my windows up and turned on the a/c.

i had forgotten that feet are people, too. through winter my peds let down their guard. they get fat and soft in my warm socks, shoes, slippers. now my naked feet are shy. they're like green bananas next to bright oranges. The grit of the driveway irritates my soft skin. my feet fidget, facing jeers from rocks and asphault in the street. they squeal when they slide into my sandals and squeak with every flop. They are not ready for summer. But they will be. It is only spring.

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