Monday, September 22, 2008

Funky Blog Name

When I was learning to ride my bike my parents decided to bribe me. If I could ride my bike--without training wheels--all the way around the path in the park they would buy me any Nintendo(r) game I wanted. Eventually I did it and my folks took me to Children's Palace. For those of you who didn't live in KC 20 years ago, Children's Palace was a huge toy store with giant red towers on each corner. If a giant toy store wasn't exciting enough, the castle spires really added to the hype.

So there I was, 6 years old with a free ticket for any nintendo game I could want. I was drooling with anticipation: Ninja Turtles, Contra, Punch-Out...even Wheel of Fortune!

And I choked! I was Gretsky with an open net and I choked! I picked this game no one's ever heard of before called "A Boy and His Blob!" about a boy and his, well...his blob, I guess. It looked like a jet-puffed marshmallow with a mini-marshmallow for a head.

I thought it looked cool because you could feed the blob jelly beans. Tangerine turned him into a trampoline, Licorice a ladder, Root Beer was a rocket, etc. And the only kind he wouldn't eat was ketchup jelly beans. So I played the game for hours trying to get him to eat a ketchup jelly bean. Waste of time.

I picked the name here because of the pun. It feels like something I would have named my e-mail account in middle school. But I think its fitting because I don't really know what this blog will be like and if its anything like my written journal it will be lots of different things at different times--depending on the jelly beans i've been eating.

Advice from older and wiser bloggers is welcome. As well as challenges! I welcome challengers! Just don't leave any ketchup jelly beans in my comments. If the blog eats them, he'll become a petrified marshmallow. And what good is that?

First Post

Tuberculosis and cancer are not the great diseases. I think a much greater disease is to be unwanted, unloved. The pain that these people suffer is very difficult to understand, to penetrate. I think this is what our people all over the world are going through, in every family, in every home.

This suffering is being repeated in every man, woman, and child. I think Christ is undergoing his passion again. And it is for you and for me to help them--to be Veronica [who wiped Christ's sweat with her veil as he carried the cross], to be Simon [of Cyrene] to them.

Our people are great people, a very lovable people. They don't need our pity and sympathy. They need our understanding love and they need our respect. We need to tell the poor that they are somebody to us, that they, too, have been created, by the same loving hand of God, to love and be loved.

~Mother Teresa
as quoted in Come Be My Light
(footnote brackets added)